Dear Clients and Partners,

Recently, we are noted that a case, “Pope Investments II, LLC et al v. Deheng Law Firm et al”, was launched in the court New York Southern District Court on September 3, 2010. Two defendants of the case named Shao Gan Hua and Helen Lv provided legal services in the name of “Deheng Law Firm”. However, “Deheng Law Firm” is the English name we having been using since our firm was established in 1993. And we have never had any lawyer or partner named Shao Gan Hua nor Helen Lv.

We are very concerned about the case and investigating on the two persons who are practicing in our name. We might take legal actions against those who infringe our legal rights and harm our reputation.

Deheng Law Firm
September 9, 2011
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Nine Departments Jointly Express to Promote the Healthy Development of Labor-intensive SMEs
CIRC and CBRC Express to Standardize the Commission Insurance Business of Commercial Banks
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