By taking advantage of the opportunity that China is developing at an astonishing speed in the new era, Deheng Law Group has set up its new office under the Corporations Act 2001 in Sydney which consists of a team of professional lawyers who have been selected by the head office for their proven track record of dealing with international cases to provide legal services and support for the cross-border transactions between China and Australia. Having been served as a window to and a bridge for bi-lateral communications in the legal sector between China and Australia, Deheng Sydney office has built up a team of highly experienced lawyers qualified both in China and Australia to provide clients from both countries with legal services of high quality in an efficient way. Having actively responded to the government strategy of ‘Chinese corporations go global’, and upon thorough research on the actual demand of ‘Chinese corporations go global’ and the legal elements in the introduction of foreign funds for investment in China, Deheng Law Group provides a series of specialised legal products and services that meet the legal needs of both domestic and international clients, and acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for Chinese and foreign corporations in areas of China-Australia cross-border investments and dispute resolutions of business matters.

Main practice areas of Deheng Law Group Sydney Office include:

1. IPO in Australia for Chinese corporations
2. Foreign Investment and M&A in Australia for Chinese corporations
3. Purchase of real properties and investment in Australia for Chinese entrepreneurs
4. 132A Business Talent Migration Visa to Australia
5. Corporate matters including investing in China for Australian corporations
6. Litigation and non-litigation matters in Australia

In addition, Deheng Law Group has put a focus on the promotion on the global mobilisation of lawyers from Shandong Province, and value sharing and co-prosperity. Based on this, and pursuant to Australian Commonwealth law, Deheng Law Group has registered and established Shandong Lawyers (Sydney) as a platform for Shandong Lawyers to practice law and grow, to allow talented foreign-admitted lawyers who have participated in the training for foreign lawyers at the Department of Justice and Department of Business of Shandong Province have a legal service sharing platform, and to bring together talented professionals to make Shandong lawyer’s foreign law practice bigger and stronger. This platform is open to all Shandong lawyers, and is designed to facilitate co-prosperity through sharing, to seek development through cooperation, and to promote the global mobilisation of Shangdong lawyers.

Add:  8/F, No. 109 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Tel: +61-280418513