Beijing DHH Law Firm Holds Forum on Intellectual Property Protection Systems Construction of Chinese and Foreign Companies

Release time:2018-05-01 09:04

On the afternoon of April 25, 2018, on the eve of the World Intellectual Property Day and in the context of frequent international disputes, Beijing DHH Law Firm and DHH Shanghai Office, in association with Elite Chinese Legal Alliance (hereafter referred to as ECLA) organized a special forum themed on Facing the Ever-Changing Situation, How Chinese and Foreign Companies Construct Intellectual Property Protection Systems at Shanghai Grand Trust Purple Mountain Hotel. Tang Huadong, the director of DHH Shanghai Office gave a welcome address. A number of senior intellectual property lawyers from Beijing and Shanghai and colleagues from Ping An Insurance shared knowledge of intellectual property law for the attendees. Hu Ming, the vice executive chairman of board of partners of Deheng Law Group, and Li Yonglan, the chief compliance officer and senior partner of Deheng Law Group, attended the forum. Li Yuting, a lawyer from the Shanghai office, served as the host of the forum.

At the beginning of the forum, Yao Yueqian, senior partner of the Group and the co-executive director of DHH Shanghai Office, delivered a speech under the title “Intellectual Property Rights Review in Cross-Border M&A Transactions”. She analyzed risks involved in the review of intellectual property in cross-border M&A, and described specific operations such as pre-merger information collection, due diligence during M&As, post-M&A integration and preventing risks related to intellectual property in M&A transactions.

Chen Hao, senior partner of the Group and the director of the Intellectual Property Team, first introduced the Section 301 Investigation Hearing held last October. Then, he shared the experience and lessons of foreign companies’ patent protection in China.

Liu Gengchen, partner of DHH Shanghai Office, based on the current hot issues of trademark rights, shared the information concerning enterprises’ trademark layout and how they should respond to relevant litigations, the contents of which included research of norms and typical cases, analysis and discussion of ways of protecting intellectual property rights.

Meng Aihua, partner of Beijing DHH law firm, started from the bad consequences of the malicious trademark registration, and then moved to the introduction of relevant legal procedures such as trademark invalidation and oppositions, and the analysis of hot cases of vindicating rights against malicious trademark registration. Besides, she also shared the offensive and defensive strategy against malicious trademark registration.

He Xieying, partner of DHH Shanghai Office, shared some observations concerning copyright protection with the audience. She first introduced the specific rights involved in copyright, the scope of protection. Then she analyzed the ways of copyright protection, combining with the common problems of office work infringement.

At the end of the forum, Jiang Zhiyuan, the underwriter of Ping An Property Insurance Ltd., introduced the characteristics of the comprehensive insurance of intellectual property, and shared the insurance system of intellectual property of Ping An, from the perspective of promoting the transformation of corporate scientific and technological achievements.

Nearly 100 attendees participated in this forum, including lawyers from intellectual property circles, academics from colleges and universities, and enterprises managers. All the senior lawyers and practitioners in the field exchanged ideas with one another, negotiated their future cooperation, and received much attention and recognition.


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