Yao Yuexi Attends the Blockchain World Forum

Release time:2018-04-24 16:37
On April 19, 2018, Yao Yuexi, a senior partner of Deheng Law Group and co-executive director of DHH Shanghai Office, attended the 2018 Fin-Tech Shanghai Summit and the Blockchain World Forum held at the Howard Johnson Peace Hotel in Shanghai. Lawyer Yao Yuexi made a keynote speech on the "legal compliance issues of ICO project" at the summit.

In the speech, Lawyer Yao Yuexi first introduced briefly the legal concept of “ICO”. Subsequently, Lawyer Yao analyzed the development of legal concept of digital currency in China, combining with current situation and regulatory policy of ICO in China. Lawyers Yao made an analysis concerning the crimes that may be involved in the violation of ICO in China and gave practical suggestions on how to avoid violating the law.

In addition, due to the fact that many foundations choose to register abroad, lawyer Yao provided some suggestions on the legal practice of ICO projects involving foreign elements, combining the policy environment of some major countries and regions of ICO and jurisdictional issues under Chinese law.
Attendees were immersed in Lawyer Yao’s professional analysis and excellent speech, and gave high praise on that. After the lecture, a lot of blockchain technology experts communicated with Lawyer Yao actively and deeply, and expressed the intention of further cooperation.

Lawyer Yao has in-depth study and rich practical experience in laws related to blockchain, with the well-known customers including VeChain, ZatGo and LD Capital, etc. Her related legal services cover design of the framework for project transaction, drafting and revision of documents in both Chinese and English, legal compliance advice related to blockchain.

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