Shandong Deheng Law Firm Listed on “2018 China Employer of Choice” of ALB

Release time:2018-04-28 17:17
Recently, Shandong Deheng Law Firm was listed on the ranking of “2018 China Employer of Choice”, which was released in the April 2018 China Edition of ALB.

As an outstanding national law firm, Shandong Deheng law firm encourages the all-round development of lawyers, carries out a series of activities including “Partners Lunch Sharing”, “De Lawyers’ Legal Time”, “I Am A Barrister” and “Things To Know For New Recruits”, etc. with the purpose of enriching practice and management knowledge of Deheng lawyers and laying a good foundation for building a first-class legal service team. Moreover, on the theme of “Happy Work”, various non-business spiritual cultural construction activities are organized by Shandong Deheng law firm with financial support, such as “Happy Company” book club, “Happy Law Firm In My Mind” article and keynote speech competition, laws recitation competition, basketball game, football game, chorus and fitness activities.

ALB stated that Shandong Deheng Law Firm achieved job satisfaction of 98% in this survey. All respondents said that their remunerations were at or above the market level, with 76% of them earning salaries higher than market standards. Employee satisfaction was 98% in terms of salary structure and salary transparency, with one partner mentioning that the firm sends monthly case fee breakdowns to lawyers, which makes lawyers feel worry-free and valued. Employee satisfaction of work-life balance reached 100%, with 76% of the respondents seeing themselves remaining with the firm after five years.

As the leading journal of Thomson Reuters in law, ALB is one of the most influential legal media, providing professional ratings of law firms such as “ALB China”, which is the most authoritative legal ranking list in China and across Asia. In its annual survey of China’s best law firms to work for, law firms have been ranked based on responses to the aspects including job satisfaction, remuneration, salary structure, overall salary transparency, training opportunity and career development opportunity, knowledge management and IT technical support level, etc.


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