Washington D.C.

Deheng Law Group has a Washington D.C.-based operation consisting of DHH Washington D.C. Law Office and DHH International Corporation.

DHH D.C. Office has been established in the District of Columbia since March 2015. To this day, it is still the one and only Chinese law firm in Washington D.C. area. With its client-centered practice, DHH D.C. relies on extensive expertise and seasoned professionals in China to provide quality and effective legal services. For American clients’ legal needs in China, DHH D.C. seamlessly bridges legal resources with 850 DHH professionals in 15 practice areas, including banking and financing, trust and insurance, asset management and fund, capital markets and securities, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and customs, cross-border investment and M&A, intellectual property protection, real estate and construction, PPP and real estate financing, government affairs and SOE legal advisory, criminal defense, commercial dispute resolution, arbitration and ADR. For Chinese clients’ legal needs in the US, DHH D.C. lawyers and long-term partners provide legal consulting, as well as representation in international trade, cross-border investment and M&A, intellectual property protection, anti-dumping, anti-trust, CFIUS, FCPA, etc. We connect our clients to the most cost-effective and trust-worthy professional services in law, accounting, financial management, investment, business consulting, real estate, study abroad, and medical tourism, to name a few.

As a Chinese law firm, DHH D.C. works to build capacity for Chinese foreign-facing legal workforce, congregate cross-border resources, and promote legal exchanges. With the establishment of China Law Center, DHH D.C. launched monthly public seminars to offer Chinese law and regulatory updates and enforcement measures to interested U.S. audience. In the meantime, DHH D.C. works with top law schools to offer a practical experience for rising law graduates.

China Law Express: a monthly law seminar; open and free to public; catered to the needs of American legal professionals, government officials, academia and the public; a trusted source for the newest Chinese law and regulatory updates, aiming to enhance legal exchanges between US and China.

China services for US clients: addressing, consulting and resolving legal issues for US companies and individuals.
US services for Chinese clients: assisting Chinese clients in procuring the most cost-effective and trust-worthy professional service, including but not limited to legal, accounting, investment, financial management, business consulting, real estate, study abroad, and medical tourism.

Build professional network: being a responsible corporate citizen; building constructive working relations with D.C.-based top U.S. law firms, law schools and bar associations; collaborating on cross-border legal services, legal training, and business site visits; cross marketing; becoming an active member in the D.C. legal community; providing legal insights at legal forums.

Add: Suite 700, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-202-204-3077
Mail: international@deheng.com