Elite Global Legal Alliance "The 17th Partner Congress and the Challenge and Opportunity Forum of the legal Alliance in the Post-epidemic Period" successfully held in Shenzhen

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Elite Global Legal Alliance "The 17th Partner Congress and the Challenge and Opportunity Forum of the legal Alliance in the Post-epidemic Period" was successfully held in the main conference hall on the 23rd floor of Shenzhen Taiping Financial Building , sponsored by the Elite Global Legal Alliance (“EGLA”) and undertaken by Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm and DHH Kan & LL (Qianhai) Law Firm from June 12, 2020 to June 13, 2020.

At the symposium, leaders, experts and scholars of law research institutions, enterprises and public institutions, commerce associations from China Commercial Law Society, Chinese Society of International Economic Law, the Civil and Commercial Law Center of Renmin University of China, the University of International Business and Economics, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, Guangzhou Asset Management Co., Ltd.,  Chongqing Financial Assets Exchange of Ping An Group, Zhihe, Value Online, Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association, etc were invited. And nearly a hundred law elites, including partners from more than 30 law firms such as Beijing DHH Law Firm, Sichuan Henghexin Law Firm, Fujian Tuowei Law Firm, etc. were also gathered in this grand event in Shenzhen. At the same time, the forum carried out a global live broadcast, and multi-national law firms from UK, Singapore, Italy, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cyprus have launched a video synchronization online, Chinese and foreign financial convergence of the legal profession boundless.

 (the host, Chairman Yan Daoqing)

The conference consists of a partner congress and three professional forums. Among them, the "EGLA Seventeenth Partners Representative Conference" was held on the morning of the 12th. It was chaired by Yan Daoqing, vice president of the Hubei Lawyers Association and vice chairman of executive committee of the alliance . Ji Cheng, chairman of executive committee of the alliance , and Lan Caiming,  Director of the Beijing DHH law firm( Shenzhen) gave enthusiastic speeches respectively.

Chairman Ji Cheng extended a warm welcome to the guests who came from afar, and warmly welcomed the leaders, experts, and friends of the legal profession, and reviewed the changing trends and formats of Chinese law firms in the past few years. Chairman Ji Cheng believes that the trend of gradual intensification and integration is a necessary condition for EGLA to make continuous progress and keep making new achievements.
(Chairman Ji Cheng deliever a speech)
Director Lan Caiming delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer, reviewing the glorious history of the alliance’s development, affirming that “sharing ” is the constant theme of the alliance, and put forward an important initiative of “building a platform, integrating resources, opening all channels and opening all resources” , And expressed the outlook for the success holding of the conference and the deep expectations for the development of the legal profession.
(Director Lan Caiming deliever a speech)
In the introduction of seven newly-joined law firm members, Huang Zhongzi from Anhui Tiangui Law Firm made a brief introduction. Representatives of overseas law firms, including Livingstons Legal of Myanmar, Budidjaja International Lawyers of Indonesia, Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC of Cyprus, Gloria James-Civetta & Co of Singapore, William Kateny Legal of the United Kingdom, and Studio Legale de Capoa e Associati of Italy, made a brief and sincere introduction of their law firms and their intentions to join respectively online in multiple languages.


Afterwards, the conference conducted online and offline simultaneous voting  and unanimous approval on the matters of the newly joined law firm; Thereafter, Mr. Ji Cheng, the executive chairman of the alliance, conducted the relevant signing, awarding of licences and ship awarding ceremony for the new franchise law firms.
The conference also voted on the re-election and addition of members of the EGLA organizations, review and revision of the "the Charter of the EGLA". Professor Shen Sibao was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the EGLA, and Mr. Lan Caiming, Mr. Li Dafu and Mr. Zhang Jialiang were elected as the vice chairmen of the EGLA Executive Committee, and the leaders of the new Alliance Secretariat was also appointed .

Professor Shen Sibao, newly elected Chairman of EGLA, has been Dean of the Law School of the University of International Business and Economics (1994-2009) for a long time, Dean of the Law School of Shanghai University for eight years, and Dean of the Law School of Macao University of Science & Technology for two years, and has practiced the concept of "the true meaning of law is practice" for decades. In 2006, he was awarded the “National Famous Teacher Award” by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. He is currently the Director of the International Commercial Law Research Institute of the University of International Business & Economics, the President of commerce associations from the International Economic and Trade Law Society of China, the President of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration, the Chairman of the Arbitration Commission of ICC-CHINA, Chairman of the China Trade Commission, GAFTA (London) and member of the Committee of International Commercial Experts of the Supreme People's Court, etc.
(Professor Shen Sibao deliever a speech)

There are variety of themes and rich contents in this conference. In the following sessions, the "Belt and Road Jurist Forum (Macau) Association Kick-Off Ceremony" was held by Luan Shan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Alliance who made a brief and wonderful speech lately. In the session of "Report on Joint-stock Cooperation of Alliance and Joint Commercial Operation between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao", Tang Zhifeng, Director of DHH Kan & LL (Qianhai) , delivered a speech on this session, reported the achievements since the establishment of the Joint Venture and introduced the training sessions on foreign-related legal talents.He expressed the demand-oriented hope to select and train foreign professional legal service talents based on demand.


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