EGLA Online Conference - Unprecedented: Attend Online with 800 Domestic and International Legal Elites

Release time:2020-06-10 14:05

On March 30, 2012, Beijing DHH Law Firm, Sichuan HHX Law Firm, Fujian Tuowei Law Firm, together with numerous domestic legal elites, gathered in Chengdu to establish the Elite China Legal Alliance (ECLA, the predecessor of EGLA, Elite Global Legal Alliance). Taking advantage of mutual learning and intercommunication, it builds close cooperation among lawyers, which promotes the development of the legal industry with joint efforts and opens a new chapter in the legal industry. With potential talents, ECLA has become a remarkable new force in the domestic legal community. Six years later, the expansion of this power attracts overseas legal industry to pay attention on the rapid development of the eastern legal indusry. At the same time, ECLA embarked on an overseas journey with a new posture – the Elite Global Legal Alliance, EGLA, which conveys the voice of the East to the world. With bounded jurisdictions and boundless law, the EGLA League is destined to become an eastern flag from in the world legal alliance.
On June 12, 2020, the 17th Partners General Meeting and Professional Forum will be held by EGLA in Shenzhen, inviting lawyers of EGLA to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the legal industry in the post-epidemic period, with a vision of standing side by side and overcoming the difficulties together!
No matter you are a fledgling in the legal world, a new employee, or a leader in the legal industry who has case resources, the EGLA Conference will be a worthwhile event for you to take part in, as long as you want to have the ability of big data analysis when faced with the request of retrial by parties, learn the working methods, trial ideas, reasoning logic from the masters of the Supreme People’s Court, quickly build arbitration system blueprint when international clients require resolutions through arbitration, know well about the latest trends in the field, and find the best partner for your business through a quality partner platform. The EGLA conference will discuss the hottest and most cutting-edge issues and it is a grand gathering for discussion, interaction and socialization in the legal community.
Three Forums
6/12/2020  8:30-12:00  17th Partners General Meeting of Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA)
6/12/2020 14:00-17:40 International Commercial Arbitration Forum——Advantages of International Arbitration and Mediation under COVID-19.
6/13/2020  9:30-12:05  Retrial Strategy Forum
6/13/2020 13:40-18:30  Greater Bay Area Capital Market and Special Assets Disposal Forum——Compliance and Dispute Resolution for the Capital Market
Five Highlights
1. Online Live Broadcast: You can experience the atmosphere of the grand conference without attending onsite
2. Global Interaction from Multiple Locations: Member law firms from United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, Myanmar, Indonesia, and many cities and regions in China and abroad will be online at the same time to have boundless interaction with international legal circles
3. Elite Attendees: Business leaders in the field of international commercial arbitration, retrial and capital markets will gather together to share industry-leading insights for 2020.
4. Real-time Online Discussion: Free online talks with 800 domestic and overseas industry elites of EGLA to share the wisdom.
5. Introduction of the Self-developed System: The self-developed business management system, interlaw for EGLA lawyers will go online. Start the highly efficient management mode just by one click.
The conference is the 17th meeting of EGLA, which aims to become one of the largest collaborative platforms of independent law firms in the world with the vision of providing high quality and low-cost cross-regional and national legal services. It now has 79 member law firms, involving China and 19 overseas countries and regions: Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, the Philippines, with more than 9000 lawyers. The globalization strategy of EGLA is being gradually carried out, and it is moving towards the goal of a global legal service supplier to provide customers with one-stop, professional, standardized, international legal services.
We sincerely invite you to join the conference to grasp the veins of the industry, get answers to your questions, explore new trends, discover new opportunities through the innovative online and onsite methods.


Scanning the QR code to enter the live platform and click the link for the relevant forum to watch.
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