GAFTA XDHH “Risks, Solutions and Opportunities for Agricultural Commodity Trade under COVID-19”Online Meeting was Held Successfully

Release time:2020-05-20 17:26

The closed-door meeting“Risks, Solutions and Opportunities for Agricultural Commodity Trade under COVID-19”sponsored by the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) and co-organized by Beijing Deheheng Law Firm under the Deheng Law Group went online on time at 2:30 pm on May 15th, 2020.
Mr. Ding Yajun, the chief representative of GAFTA China, acted as the moderator of this online exchange meeting, the participants of which included many representatives of domestic and foreign leading enterprises in the field of grain and feed trade were mainly invited by directional invitation. Professor Sibao Shen,Chairman of GAFTA China Trade Commission as well as the Chief Academic Advisor of Deheng Law Group,and Lawyer Kejiang Liu, Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm, were invited. Focusing on the two aspects of “risk” and "opportunity", the themes of "Comparison and Selection of Disputes Resolution Ways of International Trade Contracts under the COVID-19" and "Controversial Issues under GAFTA Standard Contracts and Notes for Chinese buyers" were separately shared by them.

This meeting arranged a session of questions and answers for more in-depth exchanges and discussions among participants. The guests shared and professionally answered the hot questions in the message board. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Qi Jiang, President of Deheng Law Group, made a concluding speech. Ten risks were identified in terms of trade and financial legal risks arising from the new international trade order and regulations under the COVID-19.

This exchange meeting provided a systematic analysis and explanation of the risk points that GAFTA members and the majority of grain and feed trading companies may trigger in the GAFTA contract under the recent situation, which demonstrated the social responsibility and professional service capabilities of GAFTA and DHH. In recent years, Beijing DHH Law Firm has been deeply involved in the international grain and feed trading field. Lawyers represented by Qi Jiang and Kejiang Liu are proficient in GAFTA arbitration rules and standard contracts and have been attorneys of multiple GAFTA arbitration cases. DHH won the China Business Law Awards for Dispute Resolution (Cross-border) by China Business Law Journal in 2020. 
Beijing DHH Law Firm also published a book named "Under Covid-19——International Commercial Contract Disputes Legal Issues 100 Question", which answers the "force majeure" issues by country and industry, providing important reference toward disputes resolutions to the settlement of international commercial contract performance.

Beijing DHH Law Firm was established by Deheng Law Group in 1993 and now it has one of the most active domestic and international dispute resolution teams in China. DHH currently has 60 offices covering China and 9 overseas countries and regions, which is a platform for 2,000 practicing lawyers, certified public accountants, tax accountants, public economists, and patent agents to accumulate wisdom and promote the rule of law. With its outstanding performance and reputation, Beijing DHH Law Firm has been widely recognized by peers and clients. It has been awarded honors in multiple categories such as international trade, dispute resolution, intellectual property, tax law and real estate and engineering for consecutive years by well-known legal media and reputable rating agencies in China and abroad, including but not limited to ALB, Chambers Asia Pacific, The Lawyer, American Lawyer, China Business Law Journal.

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