Salon on Legal & Cultural Exchange between Chinese and Foreign College Students was Successfully Held in Beijing DHH Law Firm

Release time:2019-05-20 18:15
On the afternoon of May 15th, 2019, the Salon on Legal & Cultural Exchange between Chinese and Foreign College Students and the Opening Ceremony of the Internship Base for Russian Student were successfully held by Beijing DHH Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “DHH”) on the 12th floor of Beijing Yintai Center.

Mr. Maxim Tsygankov (First Secretary of Russian Embassy in China), Mr. Захаров Дмитрий Борисович (Attaché of Russian Embassy in China), Ms. Faizulina Viktoriia (General President of Russian Students Association), Ms. Sokolova Polina Alexandrovna (President of Russian Students Association in Beijing) and Ms. Shchennikova Maria (Co-founder of Chinese-Russian Innovative Cooperation Center) attended the event. Chairman Shaohu Luan of the Board of Partners of Deheng Law Group, Director Kejiang Liu of Beijing DHH Law Firm, Managing Director Ying Zhao, Innovation Director Yang Lu, and Intern Tutor representatives Ms. Shuli Ye and Ms. Xiaowan Tian presented the meeting with more than 30 students from different universities at home and abroad. 


The event was moderated by  Innovation Director Ms. Yang Lu. Chairman Shaohu Luan said in his speech that with the continuous development of China-Russia relations, DHH has been providing legal services for China-Russia economic and trade business over the past three years.  And DHH has achieved many remarkable achievements such as the establishment of Moscow Office and St. Petersburg Office, and also accumulated rich experiences. In the future, DHH will improve its legal service quality continuously and carry out business cooperation with Russia comprehensively to provide professional, efficient, comprehensive and one-stop legal services with high quality, professionalism and high efficiency. At the same time, DHH will continue to build an internship and work platform for both Chinese and Russian college students to make exchanges and learn from each other.  

Mr. Maxim Tsygankov delivered a speech to express his thanks for the invitation to the event and his profound concern to the Russian students in China, and he suggested the students in fully appreciating every valuable opportunity and challenge and paying much attention to the integration of legal language and culture. Later, Mr. Захаров Дмитрий Борисович affirmed the achievements made by DHH under the Belt and Road Initiative and hoped for a more intimate relation of cooperation between China and Russia.



Director  Kejiang Liu said that the young people of the two countries, acting as Envoy for China-Russia relation, ought to be aspiring and responsible. And he hoped that the youth would cherish their friendship, grasp now to improve themselves and make contributions for the social development of both countries. 

Ms. Faizulina Viktoriia, General President of Russian Students Association (RSA), thanked DHH for setting up internship platform for Russian students with hope that there would be more job opportunities for them. In the future, RSA will carry out closer cooperation and exchanges with DHH to promote the platform-building for the practice and internship of Russian students.

Chairman Shaohu Luan, Director Kejiang Liu, Director Yang Lu, Mr. Maxim, Mr. Захаров Дмитрий Борисович and Ms. Faizulina jointly unveiled the establishment of Internship Base for Russian Student.



Subsequently, Ms. Sokolova Polina Alexandrovna of RSA introduced RSA’s development and achievements. Ms. Shchennikova Maria shared on the development and future plan of Chinese-Russian Innovation Cooperation Center which is committed to achieving brand localization and promoting trade development between the two sides.

Student representatives extended sharing on the Legal and Cultural Hot Spots Concerned by Chinese and Foreign College Students. Pakistan student Hadi shared his views on Internet and the Belt & Road Initiative,while the three Chinese representative students delivered speeches respectively on Internet+Law, Personal Information Protection under the Influence of Internet and the Definition of Mobile Phone within the Law. And then Ms. Shuli Ye and Ms. Xiaowan Tian made comments and shared their personal experiences and introduced the skills required by young lawyers. The warm atmosphere of the short-term exchanges was sparked by heated discussions among young people from all over the world.

The event ended in a friendly and warm atmosphere. All participants posed for a group photo as a perfect ending.


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