The 3rd China Autonomous Vehicle Legal Summit was Successfully Held in Shanghai

Release time:2019-01-23 15:13

On the morning of January 19th, 2019, the 3rd China Autonomous Vehicle Legal Summit (the "2019 AVLS") was grandly held on the 62nd Floor of Shanghai Tower. Nearly a hundred people  attended the event, including domestic and foreign legal professionals, corporate executives, industry executives, technical elites and professional investors, etc. The event was co-hosted by China Association of Corporate Counsel for Small and Medium Enterprises (CACC) and Elite Chinese Legal Alliance (EGLA), and was organized by Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm. Mr. Qi Jiang, President of Deheng Law Group, made a passionate speech at the Summit. Eight honored guests, including Pro. Donggen Xu from School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, gave wonderful keynote speeches. And the summary speech was delivered by Mr. Li Ren, Senior Partner of Beijing DHH Law Firm.
In recent years, the intelligent transportation and autonomous vehicle has entered a period of rapid development, and China has also regarded it as a significant strategic opportunity to research and develop the autonomous vehicle. In July 2017, the State Council issued the Development Planning for a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence, which drew a new development blueprint to rapidly push the construction of a innovation-oriented country and a global scientific power. With the development of intelligent vehicles, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other municipalities have formulated and launched a series of regulations on self-driving cars and road testing. At the same time, relative discussions are extended among the legal profession.
The "2019 AVLS", on the basis of the two previous summits, presented more original views, providing opportunities for more in-depth discussion involved with broader areas. Therefore, celebrities from legal profession and related circles flocked here so that there was no single seat left empty.
The Summit was presided over by Mr. Yimin Liu and Ms. Geng Xueyang from Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm.
President Qi Jiang delivered the opening speech, saying that legal practitioner were supposed to take precautions with the booming of the automated-driving ecosystem. He also expressed his hope for legal practitioners to discuss relevant legal issues in a timely manner and make full use of the communication platform provided by the AVLS for business development and mutual improvement.

President Qi Jiang was delivering the opening speech

There were two speech sessions regarding to the speech themes given by the eight keynote speakers.
The first speech session was on the theme of “Legal Discussion on Autonomous Vehicle”.  Prof. Donggen Xu from School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Mr. Chunhui Fang from Beijing DHH Law Firm, Ms. Yuexi Yao from Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm, Mr. Pengyu Huang from Breton were invited to deliver speeches respectively on AI and Law, Automated Driving-- IP Strategy under the New Blueprint, Overseas M&A and Autonomous Driving of the Automotive Industry, and Legal Imagination about Commercial Unmanned Vehicle.


Mr. Chunhui Fang, Lawyer of International IP Department of Beijing DHH Law Firm, shared his legal analysis on the IP strategy about autonomous driving.

Ms. Yuexi Yao, Director of Cross-border Investment Department of Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm, shared her view on the overseas M&A in the automotive industry with the new trend of autonomous driving.

The second speech session was themed by “Outlook for the Application of Autonomous Driving” and the speakers and their topics respectively were: Mr. Yukun Deng from Houshi Network Technology Co., Ltd. spoke on The Global Development Trend and Major Problems of Autonomous Driving; Mr. Ziwei Li from Lingang Autopilot Base shared Practical Experience from Self-driving Test Facility; Mr. Lang Xu talked about Intelligent and Traditional Driving--Safety and Compliance; Mr. Ziyi Li from Neolix discussed about 2019: The First Year of Commercial Autonomous Driving.
The eight keynote speakers introduced the latest scientific and technological achievements as well as expounding the relevant legal issues based on their broad horizons and rigorous logic, and won outbursts of applause from the audience.
During the interaction session, Mr. Yimin Liu and Ms. Qi Xueyang (the moderators of the Summit), together with the honored speakers and participants actively exchanged their views and outlooks on the construction of autonomous driving ecosystem in China and the world in recent years, the trend of policies for the new infrastructure construction, and the legal liability for autonomous driving accidents, etc.

During the tea break, Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm and Breton held a signing ceremony and signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

The Signing Ceremony between Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm and Breton

Finally, Mr. Li Ren, Senior Partner of Beijing DHH Law Firm, made a concluding speech, indicating that potential legal problems should not be ignored with the expanding of autonomous driving ecosystem. Deheng law group will, as always, provide clients with high-quality legal services.

Additionally, December of 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of Deheng Law Group. After 25 years of faithful service, Deheng Law Group remains true and up-to-date to the needs of its clients and community. At the beginning of 2019, Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm moved to Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China. The success of the "2019 AVLS" indicates that Deheng Law Group has always been taking the lead of the times and escorting the reform and opening-up and the economic construction with legal warships.
The Summit has received strong support from Legal Daily, Shanghai Law Journal, Tencent, SOHU and other well-known media.

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