Deheng Law Group Held the Summary & Sharing Meeting on the Overseas Training of Young Lawyers

Release time:2019-01-11 18:00

Over the past three years, Deheng Law Group has sent 35 young lawyers, such as Mr. Sen Ye and Ms. Luting Li, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Washington, Hong Kong, Sydney and other overseas offices for training to accelerate their growth, which is exactly the implementation of the Group's international development strategy. On January 10th, in order to sum up the training work experience, share the rotation training achievement, and nourish new young lawyers, the Summary & Sharing Meeting on the Overseas Training of Young Lawyers was jointly held by the Group’s Executive Office, Youth Working Group, Party and Group Studios, International Services Center. 26 young lawyers from several offices who had participated in the training rotation attended the Meeting and shared their experiences.  Mr. Kejiang Liu, Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm and International Services Center, Mr. Yi Yuan, Chief Partner of Russia Business, Mr. Hui Wang, Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm St. Petersburg Office, Mr. Sen Ye, Executive Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm Hong Kong Office and Ms. Linlin Su, Managing Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm Hong Kong Office also attended the meeting.

The Sharing Meeting was hosted by Mr. Dapeng Tian, Partner of Deheng Law Group and Director of Youth Working Group. The young lawyers shared their harvest and growth from the aspects of their life, work, knowledge and perception when they actively implemented the Group's“going out”international development strategy, and participated in the preparation and construction, market development, business cooperation for the offices of DHH through the training of rotation. Some of them even had the honor to participate in major legal activities such as the Hearing for US Section 301 Investigation and provide legal services for Chinese during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. All lawyers expressed their gratitude to the Group for providing such opportunities to broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, deepen their understanding of overseas legal culture and legal service market, and strengthen their confidence in engaging in foreign-related legal services, which laid a good foundation for their future. Director Kejiang Liu encouraged more young lawyers to participate in the rotation training program at the end of the meeting.

The Group not only insists on extending more than 600 luncheons for sharing with partners per year, but also invests nearly 2 million to encourage young lawyers to participate in the rotation training within only three years,  which plays an important role in the implementation of Group's international development strategy and highlights the Group's support and training for young lawyers. With the continuous expansion of overseas business, the Group will continue to promote the young lawyers rotation training program in 2019 to support the international work “New Achievements of Four Asian Tigers”in Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Taiwan as well as the implementation of the“Great Bay Area”strategy in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.



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