Paul Chen Won ALB China 2018 Top 15 IP Lawyer

Release time:2018-12-25 10:54

On December 20th, 2018, Paul Chen, Senior Partner of Beijing DHH Law Firm, was named as one of "(ALB) China 2018 Top 15 IP Lawyers" with a reputation for outstanding professional ability. Currently, he serves as Director of Beijing Patent Attorneys Association, Chairman of Software IP Promotion Association of Zhongguancun Ipsman, and Arbitrators of Arbitration Committee of Wuhan, Qingdao, Guilin, Nanjing, etc.

Lawyer Chen is expert in handling complicated dispute cases about patent, trademark, administration, and unfair competition. During his legal practice for over 10 years, he has completed a series of well-known IP cases at home and abroad, including the trademark administrative appeal of the century-old brand of “Rul Fu Xiang”, and the antivirus software unfair competition case regarding the lawsuit filed against Qihoo 360 by Baidu, etc. Besides, Mr. Chen has solved several IP litigation and no-litigation cases for domestic and foreign enterprises and protected the litigants’ legal rights and interest. His clients include but are not limited to HongKong Jiahe Science and Technology Co., Ltd, Wonderland Nursergoods Co., Ltd, Donadl Byford & Sons Pte. Ltd.,Noble Fiber Technologies LLC., Soccer Goal Co., Ltd (British), OBO Company (German), Motex Co., Ltd (Korean) and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences.

Asian Legal Business (ALB) is owned by Thomson Reuters, one of the most powerful law journals around the world, aiming to provide clients and readers with cutting-edge information and authoritative ratings of the legal profession. The“ALB China 2018 Top 15 IP Lawyers”is selected by Asian Legal Business (ALB), based on the main achievements of the career, huge progress over the past 12 months, major clients, awards, reputation and so on. This award is designed for outstanding lawyers who have provided powerful IP services in corporate innovation, market competition and sustainable development.

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