Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm and iCap Equity Successfully Signed Cooperative Agreement on Legal Service

Release time:2018-11-07 10:24

On October 31st , 2018, iCap Equity and Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm held a grand signing ceremony in Seattle, USA, during which Mr. Chris J. Christensen, Founder of iCap Equity, and Mr. Yanhui Yang, Lawyer from Seattle Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm, on behalf of each side, formally signed the Cooperative Agreement on Legal Service. Henceforward Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm and Seattle Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm will conduct all-round and in-depth cooperation with iCap Equity, and assist iCap Equity to explore the Greater China market with professional legal services, which will be another major milestone in Sino-US investment and financing cooperation.


Founded in 2011, iCap Equity is a U.S. domestic real estate fund company subordinate to iCap Group. Its founder, Chris Christensen, has worked as a real estate business lawyer for many years and is an innovator in the American real estate financing industry. Its core team consists of senior lawyers, real estate developers, and financial analysts, which has turned out to be a professional and pragmatic team and has provided the foundation and guarantee for the successful development of the company.

Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm and Seattle Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm has taken the honor to provide China-US multinational professional legal services and give assistance in designing the transaction frame and providing a viable transaction scheme for iCap Equity during the whole project. DHH will exert every efforts to guarantee the smooth progress of the project, with Lawyer Yanhui Yang and Lawyer Yuexi Yao taking the head, and in the charge of Mr. Jiacheng Liu, Ms. Pengpeng Shen and Mr. Jianan Xia. This will be another successful case for Deheng Law Group on its way of globalization and internationalization!


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