A Delegation from iCap Equity Visited Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm

Release time:2018-10-29 10:23

On the morning of October 19th, 2018, Mr. Chris Christensen, President & Founder of iCap Equity, Ms. Cindy Fang, Director of International Relations, and Mr. Raymond Zhang, Chief Operating Officer of Greater China, visited Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm and received warm welcome from Director Jiangtao Zhu, Co-Managing Director Leyun Wu, Lawyer Kepei Cai, Lawyer Ruiyuan Li, and Lawyer Xia Kong of Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm. After the two sides respectively introduced the development history, professional fields, and global layout, etc., the lawyers of Beijing DHH (Shenzhen) Law Firm questioned the representatives from iCap Equity on topics of interest to them, such as the development of the US real estate market and the supervision of the US government on the capital market. The representatives responded with great enthusiasm and expressed their hope that iCap Equity would meet great future in the Chinese market.


Founded in 2011, iCap Equity is a U.S. domestic real estate fund company subordinate to iCap Group. Its founder, Chris Christensen, has worked as a real estate business lawyer for many years and is an innovator in the American real estate financing industry. Its core team consists of senior lawyers, real estate developers, and financial analysts, which has turned out to be a professional and pragmatic team and has provided the foundation and guarantee for the successful development of the company.

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