Lawyers of Deheng Law Group were Invited to Attend the 13th ASEAN Law Association General Assembly

Release time:2018-08-03 08:57

From July 25th to 28th, 2018, Ms. Hongna Liu and Ms. Shuli Ye, both Partners of Deheng Law Group, were invited to attend the “13th ASEAN Law Association Conference” and “The ASEAN Law Conference” held by ALA (ASEAN Law Association) in Singapore.

Established in 1979 by the legal profession of ten ASEAN countries, ASEAN Law Association (ALA) gathered the legal professionals from all ASEAN countries, such as judges, legal scholars, law practitioners and governmental lawyers. The ASEAN Law Conference focused on “The Power of One, Unlocking Opportunities in ASEAN through Law”, aiming to organize a world-level legal conference focusing on ASEAN's leadership.

The Conference lasted for three days with more than 500 legal professionals attended. Sessions were held on “A New Phase (and Face) of Law: Opportunities and Challenges in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)”, “Law as an Instrument to Facilitate the Success of AEC”, “Disruptive Technologies on Business Landscapes in ASEAN: Opportunities and Challenges”, “Power of ONE-AEC Financial Integration”, “Cross-Border Obstacles in ASEAN and Solutions”, “ASEAN-Free Trade Agreements and Bilateral Investment Agreements”, and so on. During the Conference, Lawyers from Deheng Law Group had a deep communication with the senior legal professionals of ASEAN countries, including the chief judge (such as the Indonesian Chief Justice, Chief Justice of the Intellectual Property Court of Thailand), prosecutors, senior attorneys, legal scholars and so on, discussing the increasing cooperation among Chinese and ASEAN governments and in the fields of corporate investment & cooperation, artificial intelligence, Internet financing, block-chain, and legal services on ASEAN legal integration & innovation, etc.

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