Singapore Office of Deheng Law Group Opened

Release time:2018-08-01 16:50
A few days ago, the eighth overseas entity office of Deheng Law Group opened in 20th Floor of One Raffles Place in Singapore. Mr. Shaohu Luan, Chairman of Board of Partners of Deheng Law Group, and Ms. Shuli Ye, Director of International Department of Deheng Law Group, flied to Singapore to attend the opening ceremony.

Deheng Law Group Singapore Legal Consulting Firm will be in the charge of two female partners-- Lawyer Hongna Liu and Lawyer Yuyanyan Zhang, who have been working in Deheng Law Group for more than 10 years and have ever studied and worked in Singapore for more than 5 years.  In addition to providing services to the Group's customers in China and Singapore, the Firm will also strive to establish the first law firm led by Chinese lawyers, i.e. Beijing DHH Law Firm Singapore Office, within this year.

During this trip, Chairman Luan and his partners also had a cordial meeting with more than 20 Chinese legal advisers and Chinese legal counsels working in Singapore law firms or Sino-Singapore companies and took group photos with them.

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