Deheng Law Group Speeds Up the Process of Founding Overseas Offices in Seoul, Seattle, Singapore and Tokyo etc.

Release time:2018-07-11 16:34
Deheng Law Group has recently accelerated its pace of establishing offices overseas. Led by Mr. Shaohu Luan (Chairman of Board of Partners of Deheng Law Group), a strong team composed of Mr. Xiye Fu (Senior Partner of Deheng Law Group), Mr. Guangxing Li (Director of Korean Practice Team of Beijing DHH Law Firm), Mr. Guangxie Jin (Director of Korean Practice Team of Shandong Deheng Law Firm) and others selected an office with the best view in the high-profile World Trade Center Seoul, and founded the Seoul Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm in mid of June, which has been scheduled for opening in early September.

In early July, Deheng Law Group founded its Seattle Office in America,  implementing the resolution of “Setting up an Office on the US West Coast (USWC) to Serve the Chinese Merchants and Citizens in/ to US ” proposed by Mr. Hongtao Mao (Senior Partner of Deheng Law Group) and others, and passed by the Board of Partners of Deheng Law Group. Deheng Law Group’s Seattle Office is located on the 32th Floor of Central Business Building at Fourth Avenue, which accommodates nearly 30 local firms, and is right across the renowned Seattle Central Library. Mr. Shaohu Luan, Chairman of Board of Partners of Deheng Law Group, who was in charge of the preparatory work, stated that Deheng Law Group had founded its Washington D.C. office on the US East Coast (USEC), and has been constantly building its reputation and expanding its client base, which inevitably led to the opening of a second office on the USWC, 5,000km away from the USEC. Furthermore, Chinese merchants and citizens in US are now facing difficulties and setbacks and in the most need of support and assistance from lawyers from their home country. As an excellent national law firm in China with brands and slogans of “Chinese Lawyers as the Leaders”, “Dare to Take Responsibilities” and “Specialisation and Concentration”, Deheng Law Group felt obliged to set up an office to serve the clients on the ground in the difficult times. In addition, given the “Sino-US Trade War”, the small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from China have shown more interest in investing in Washington where the world’s top companies are headquartered and in environmentally friendly Oregon. Accordingly, Deheng Law Group now focuses on meeting the SMEs’ demands and provides them with practical services, and also achieves the Group’s goal of two-way legal services in US by providing services for American high-tech companies with businesses in China. The opening of the Seattle office is just in time and is welcomed in Seattle.


It was reported that Deheng Law Group had completed its investigation and research on establishing offices in Singapore and Tokyo, and planned to proceed in the second half of 2018. In the past three years, Deheng Law Group has founded six offices in the world’s economy and trade centers, including Washington D.C., Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sydney, Toronto, and Hong Kong. Deheng Law Group is expected to establish 10 overseas entity offices within 2018.

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