Beijing DHH Law Firm Successfully Holds the Round-table Symposium on GDPR’s Influence on Domestic Enterprises

Release time:2018-05-29 08:39
On 24th May, 2018, the day before General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially came into effect, Beijing DHH Law Firm invited renowned scholars, a number of enterprise representatives, representative attorneys from the EU, industry experts and technical specialists in network security to gather together to discuss the influence of GDPR on domestic enterprises.

Mr. Liu Kejiang, Director & Senior Partner of Beijing DHH Law Firm, delivered a speech. GDPR is the legislative achievement based on the past twenty years of accumulation of EU’s data protection legislation and case law, and has become a new standard for global privacy protection after its promulgation. GDPR unifies the differences in the legal system of data protection among the European Union members, pioneers the system of DPO (Data Protection Officer), enriches the rights of data subjects and the right to carry the data, and makes breakthroughs and refinement in the data cross-border and the classification management of data risk. In this regard, the GDPR’s application to enterprises beyond EU and its extreme punishment mechanism compels Chinese enterprises to attach importance to and make researches on GDPR’s impact in order to take action in advance.
From the legal perspective, Attorney Xin Xiaotian from the Internet Compliance Practice Team of Beijing DHH Law Firm gave an introduction of the background of GDPR, and Professor Huang Daoli from The Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security introduced and evaluated the GDPR and the status of personal information protection in China; from the practical perspective, Attorney Huang Qun from Taylor Wessing of Germany shared the practical experience that German attorneys assisted Chinese enterprise to handle the GDPR, while Ms. Ge Mengying, person-in-charge of legal affairs of the famous big-data enterprise TalkingData introduced how data control should meet the obligations under the GDPR regulations and satisfy the demands of China’s information security and individual information protection from the point of the compliance of Chinese enterprises; from the technical perspective, Mr. Wang Qiang, CEO of Identity Information Protection Team from eIDLINK Information Technology Co., Ltd, displayed the EXD and XID technologies and their application scenarios.

After the short tea-break, Attorney Shi Lei and Zhou Yang from the Internet Compliance practice team of Beijing DHH Law Firm respectively shared relevant knowledge about DPO and the difficulties encountered in the practical application of GDPR, arousing a heated discussion.

During the discussion, all participant parties had a widespread and in-depth debate on the current universally-known privacy disclosures and the concerns on the implementation details of GDPR. Han Yishuan, Associate Dean of Institute of Data Science, Tsinghua University, proposed to establish a personal information protection fund and a ethical protection agency for personal information. And then, Mr. Tao Guanghui, CEO of The First Law, and Attorney Ren Li, Senior Partner and Director of Department of Anti-monopoly & Unfair-competition of Beijing DHH Law Firm, shared their points of view on how data enterprises to fulfil the “compliance obligations” under GDPR.
In the end of the Symposium, Director Liu Kejiang announced the official establishment of “DHH Data Protection and Compliance Research Center”. The working group for the Center consists of a number of practice teams, including Multinational Investment and M&A Practice Team, Corporate Practice Team, Internet Compliance Practice Team, and Practice Team for Anti-monopoly & Unfair-competition, etc. The “DHH Data Protection and Compliance Research Center” will cooperate and coordinate with the renowned scholars, attorneys from the EU, technical industry experts and people from all walks of life, striving to provide more prospective legal research achievements and pragmatic practice experience for Chinese enterprises. 

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