Liu Zhenyu, Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice, Visited DHH Moscow Office for In-depth Investigation

Release time:2018-05-22 10:50
On the afternoon of May 14th, Liu Zhenyu, Vice Minister of Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China, who was in his visit to Moscow, Russia, led a Russian delegation of 12 followers to visit Moscow Office of Beijing DHH Law Firm, and held an investigation symposium.

Having listened carefully to the work report done by Yuan Yi, Director of DHH Moscow Office, and the advice given by Luan Shaohu, Chairman of Board of Partners of Beijing DHH Law Firm, Deng Jiaming, Director of Bureau of Judicial Expertise of Ministry of Justice, Luo Houru, Director of  Bureau of Grass-roots Work, Cao Juping, Deputy Director of Bureau of Planning, Finance and Equipment, Zhang Xiaoming, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Bureau, Wang Hong, Associate Inspector of Bureau of National Judicial Examination, Chen Qiang, Deputy Director of Department of Justice in Fujian Province and other visitors also made remarks on the construction of judicial administrative work and lawyers’ legal services contributing to the Belt and Road Initiative.

Vice Minister Liu Zhenyu, in his summary remarks, first praised the strategy of "Chinese lawyers playing a leading role" advocated by Beijing DHH Law Firm in the international development, and considered that Chinese lawyers could learn some development experience of DHH Moscow Office when contributing to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative abroad. He suggested that tasks in three areas should be done: First, closely relying on organizations such as Chinese Embassy in the host country, Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and overseas Chinese federations, to actively provide services for China-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese, such as providing more public services in law dissemination and mediation; Second, respecting the legal system of the host country, making friends and exchanges with the lawyers in the host country, and striving for hand in hand to provide more pragmatic and efficient services to Chinese-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese; Third, exploring a new mode of mediation in the cross-border disputes, and applying the "Fengqiao Experience" to the dispute resolution in international trade or among Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas Chinese and Chinese businessmen.

Finally, Vice Minister Liu Zhenyu gave a plague of Ministry of Justice to both Chinese and Russian lawyers in DHH Moscow Office, wishing that Beijing DHH Law Firm could seriously sum up its international development experience, guard against arrogance and rashness, and achieve greater results.


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