Build a Global Fleet of Law Firm Cruisers Co-construct Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA)

Release time:2018-04-17 16:10
The Elite Global Legal Alliance ("EGLA") is a global alliance of one hundred law firms worldwide led by Chinese lawyers, upgraded and transformed from the Elite Chinese Legal Alliance (“ECLA”) to further deepen China’s Belt and Road Initiative and better serve the international legal requirements of Chinese enterprises. It will be one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cross-regional legal service collaboration platforms.

ECLA has currently brought together 52 member law firms and more than 5,000 lawyers worldwide. EGLA will be dedicated to becoming a global legal service provider of one-stop, specialised, standardised and international legal services.

ECLA’s Eleventh Partners’ General Meeting
The existing members ofECLAare all renowned leading firms and thriving new firms of mediumtolarge size with a focus on commercial business and an emphasis on young and vigorous team and specialized services. ECLA members have not only made great achievements in China, but also have been the forerunnersin Russian legal market. Beijing DHH Law Firm, one of ECLA’s founding firms, is the first Chinese law firm that has established a branch office in Washington DC. ECLA has been actively promoting international legal cooperation and communication in Europe, the Americas, Australia, Southeast Asiaand the Middle East, and committed to safeguarding the legal rights and interests of civil and commercial entities including Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-funded enterprises, and Chinese and overseas Chinese. ECLA has established “Chinese Law Centres” in Washington DC, Toronto, Moscow and St. Petersburg to introduce Chinese laws, advance Sino-foreign business cooperation and promote  exchange of thoughts regarding legal services.

ECLA’s TwelfthPartners’ General Meeting
We are looking forward to welcoming all the elite law firms with common development aspirations to join EGLA to grow and win together with EGLA. EGLA members enjoy the priority right to access the information of case and client referrals among the member law firms, so as to expand business opportunities and allocate resources rationally. It will also be more convenient and efficient for the member law firms to work together. Furthermore, we will share EGLA’s standardized products and accumulated knowledge, and EGLA will organize various foreign-relatedvisits for its members to broaden our international horizons.
ECLA National Conference of Cooperation and Development of Law Firms and Seminar of Strategies for SPC Cases- Nanjing Station"

Here, you will join lawyers from around the world to create a soft environment of trustand rule of law, and implement the Belt and Road Initiative. Here, you will work side by side with many like-minded people with commitment to enhance the strengths of law firms. Here, you will join the legal elitesto contribute to the growth and development of legal practice, accelerate the progress of the rule of law in China, and facilitate and encourage international and regional legal service cooperation and exchange of thoughts.

The inaugural meeting of EGLAis scheduled to be held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China on 11 and 12 May 2018. The Belt and Road Legal Services Summit of International Investment and Finance will be held concurrently. In addition, Beijing Deheheng Law Firm, one of ECLA’s founding firms, will host the Second Global Law Firm Cooperation Forum and Lawyers’ Private Advisory Board Conference in Beijing  on 9 May as a prelude to boost establishment and development of EGLA. 


ECLA Elite Workshop of Law Firm Management

Mr. Shaohu LUAN, EGLA Chairman, has called all the law firms around the world: “ECLA will be upgraded and transformed in mid-May to EGLA, which will be the world’s first private association of lawyers led by a Chinese law firm(DHH LAW FIRM). What are you, the law firms located in China’s second and third tier cities which are committed to developing national and international business opportunities, waiting for? Why not apply to ECLA before 1 May to get aboard the global alliance of law firms? Time and tide wait for no man, we should make the best of every minute.

Mr. Zhangyin LIU, Attorney-at-law and ECLA Secretary General, is looking forward to hearing from you and discussing with you in details.



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