Mr. Liu Kejiang Selected as Arbitrator of LCLA

Release time:2018-04-04 17:56

Recently, Mr. Liu Kejiang, director of Beijing DHH Law Firm, was notified of being selected into the panel of arbitrators of London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and that he could be appointed as arbitrator of future cases based on the regulation of LCLA. In addition to LCLA, Mr. Liu also has extensive experience in representing Chinese and foreign clients to apply for recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, and has participated in dozens of cases of arbitral institutions including ICC, SCC, ICA, SICOM and CIETAC.
LCLA is one of the world-leading and time-honored international arbitral institutions of commercial dispute resolution, with long history, high arbitral quality and great international reputation, and its institutional setup, applicable law, arbitration rules and international cooperation are quite special. The several amendments to the arbitration rules also reflect the trends of decreasing external intervention, respecting parties and letting parties settle disputes based on their own will.


Kejiang(Michael) Liu is executive vice president of Deheng Law Group, director and senior partner of Beijing DHH Law Firm. As member of China International Legal Professionals selected by All China Lawyers Association and Ministry of Justice, member of International Investment and Dispute Resolution Attorney Bank for MOFCOM, and arbitrator of London Court of International Arbitration(LCIA), Mr. Liu has obtained outstanding achievement in the fields of foreign commercial arbitration, Cross-border investment and M&A since Mr. Liu started practicing 18 years ago. In addition, he has gained rich experience in M&A project management, enterprise compliance management, investment & financing, business negotiation, legal risk management, anti-trust legal affairs and international dispute resolution, with the clients mainly including state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, listed companies and large multinational companies.

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